ICYMI: Kim Cordova’s Big LOSS in Denver

A new report out from The Denver Gazette raises significant questions about whether Kim Cordova actually delivered the victory for her United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) members that she claimed following her scorched-earth striker against King Soopers earlier this year.

In short: She didn’t.

Cordova’s insistent rush to strike critical grocers, thereby causing economic hardship across Denver and the surrounding communities, raises troubling questions about her motives.

Kim Wins, but Her Members Lose Thousands

According to The Denver Gazette, the deal reached after the needless strike was no different in dollar amount than the offer that Cordova refused before going on strike.

Cordova even seems to acknowledge as much, sayingthe company representatives will try to frame their argument that the strike was unnecessary however we disagree,” but she offers no persuasive evidence to back up her claim. The reason? Because there isn’t any.

The worst part is that at the end of the day, Kim actually cost her members money.

Cordova’s decision to strike forced UFCW Local 7 members to forego nearly 2 weeks of pay when many of her members were already struggling from the financial pressures brought on by the pandemic and record inflation.  By going on strike to only agree to a deal no different in dollar amount to the pre-strike offer, Cordova prevented each of her members from receiving  paychecks worth $2,000-$4,000.

Kim Gets Rich off the Backs of Hardworking Union Members

Moreover, while Cordova sacrificed UFCW members’ pay while leading the needless strike against King Soopers, she had no issue continuing to collect her own six-figure salary.

In 2020 alone, Cordova received a salary of $190,834.  Over the course of her tenure as president of UFCW Local 7, she has raked in more than $2 million.  Meanwhile, Cordova refused to halt the collection of union dues for struggling Local 7 members, who have had up to $1,400+ taken out of their paycheckssince March 2020.

Kim Loves the Broncos!

In addition to her posh salary, Kim spends nearly $20,000 of her members’ dues on 16 season tickets to the Denver Broncos – a fact covered by The Denver Gazette.

When pressed as to why she has these tickets, Cordova saidthe union got 16 season tickets when it merged with an amalgamated meat cutters union…

Cordova has to know she can just cancel the season tickets if she didn’t want them… right? How many games a season does she usually attend?

Kim, instead of attending with high-paid union bosses, how about inviting 16 hardworking rank-and-file UFCW Local 7 members to the Broncos’ season opener in September? We’ll be watching!

Kim’s Strike Hurt Colorado Families and Communities

Cordova’s decision to strike also hurt Colorado communities by interrupting access to food and other essentials. And by preventing customers from entering entire shopping centers, even unaffiliated local businesses suffered the wrath of Kim Cordova.

Political Future

There were also persistent rumors throughout the strike that Kim was striking because she planned to run for the State Legislature, Governor, or maybe even to take out Marc Perrone, the UFCW Big Man in Washington.

That’s one of the reasons many people believe Kim attacked Governor Polis during the strike.

Moreover, Kim spent $165k+ worth of her members’ dues money in 2020 to retain a Democrat lobbying firm in Washington.

When asked if she planned to run for office, Kim predictably but unconvincingly denied having those ambitions saying, “I’m not seeking any other office other than I have a membership that deserves more, and I fight for them.”