Meet The Imperfect Union

Why are United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) bosses enriching themselves at the expense of rank-and-file workers whose interests they claim to represent?

During the pandemic, grocers have hired hundreds of thousands of new employees to serve communities in need and help manage new safety protocols. While the influx of employees has certainly helped keep food on the shelves, it has also helped line the pockets of an unexpected group – Labor Unions – by taking money from the essential workers serving on the front lines.

The UFCW, supported by its local chapters throughout the country, has benefited greatly – receiving additional Union dues and initiation fees from the hundreds of thousands of new frontline workers hired over the last 22 months.

Instead of reducing or temporarily halting dues from members, the Union is building a political war chest to attack the very grocers who employ UFCW members.

Conspicuously egging on the Union in this short-sighted attack on employers is a group backed by associates of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the Radical Left, a “More Perfect Union.”

Union bosses like Marc Perrone, Kim Cordova, John Grant, and other local leaders should be ashamed of how low they’ve stooped to blame others for their members’ struggles while they continue to abuse their members for financial gain. Frontline workers deserve better.

Join our campaign to demand that greedy Union bosses give back dues to hard-working members!

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