Meet the UFCW Big Bosses


The UFCW in Albuquerque is run by president Greg Frazier.

Did you know in 2020 Frazier made $130K+? That’s more than $62/hr!

Yet, Frazier attempted to offer his members $3 LESS than minimum wage to strike before a deal was reached.

Here’s how much Frazier’s made each member pay since the pandemic started in March 2020:

  • Weekly Dues: up to $12.24
  • Number of Weeks: 92
  • Total: up to $1,126.08

Perhaps Mr. Frazier will start following the UFCW mantra of ‘Respect, Protect, & Pay’ by returning up to $1,100 to each of his members.


UFCW Southern California Union Bosses John Grant and Kathy Finn each earned more than $190,000 in 2020.

Since the pandemic began, Local 770 members have had up to $1,600 taken by the Union:

  • Monthly Dues: up to $69.50
  • Number of Months: 23
  • Total: up to $1,598.50

Union dues have paid for perks, including allowing Union bosses to fly first class and with their spouses, all on Local 770 members’ dime.

Washington, D.C.

UFCW International Boss Marc Perrone earned nearly $300,000 in 2020 – all funded by his members’ dues.

What do these workers get in return other than less money in their pockets?

  • Albuquerque UFCW president Greg Frazier sent more than 40% of his members’ dues to Perrone in 2020.
    • Totaling nearly $800,000!

These funds should be reserved for improving working conditions for members, not lining the pockets of union fat cats.